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Why Now Is the Time for NextWin Services

posted Jul 1, 2015, 12:07 PM by Ann Sullivan   [ updated Jan 26, 2016, 7:44 AM ]
Being the owner of a successful government relations company for thirteen years begs the question—why start another company?  To understand why I started NextWin Services is to understand a great need and a great opportunity.

By that I mean, I saw a problem that is in dire need of a resolution – meager business development for smaller companies that do not have dedicated federal sales teams but want to sell to the federal government.  While there are many vendors who can advise small or mid-size companies on how to position for federal contracting, we don’t know of many companies who can go a further step – assistance with developing relationships with federal agencies.  Our offerings are tailored to different needs. For example, some companies already know who they need to sell to and just need an introduction to get there.  Others, especially with innovative products and services, need a broader approach to the procurement marketplace. 

An additional need NextWin addresses is providing assistance to companies who are already federal contractors but have a problem with a federal agency.  Given our good relationships with small business advocates in federal agencies, we are in a position to help. This became one of our four offerings: Fix It.

With these solutions, we see tremendous opportunity.  The Congress and the SBA have put in place many policies that are helpful to smaller businesses seeking to enter the federal sector.  Taking advantage of it, whether it is small business, 8(a), woman-owned, HUBZone or veteran-owned, requires traction to get to the federal buyers.  This is nearly impossible unless you live in the Capital region or spend a significant amount of time traveling back and forth from Washington.  Our charge is to make those marketing trips efficient and valuable—ultimately resulting in sales.

Our model is new and innovative.  We will tailor business development needs to our clients to make it affordable and productive.  And we tap into our nationwide network of businesses who will make good strategic partners, our in-depth knowledge of federal acquisition rules and our relationships with federal agencies.

We know the challenges that come with being a smaller vendor in the federal contracting arena, but we also know the rewards that come from getting it right.  NextWin is dedicated to making sure your work with us is a win.  We want to help you get the next win as well.

Ann Sullivan is the President of NextWin Services, as well as the founder and President of Madison Services Group, a government relations firm with offices in Northern Virginia and Washington DC.